Penny won her jackpot in the Bingo Lounge at Woman Bingo

Woman Bingo winner Penny R loves to treat herself to a bit of “me time” with a few rounds of bingo and won an incredible £2,262 jackpot playing in the Bingo Lounge. Here she shares her tips for new players.

Penny’s top tips for new Woman Bingo players

– Decide how much you can spend and fix a limit so you don’t spend more than you can afford.

– Bingo 20 is a good room to start off with, it’s a nice simple 75-Ball bingo room, where you can buy a maximum of 20 tickets per game.

– Get involved in the chat for tips and advice from other players online – it’s the best thing about Woman Bingo!

Have a go in the Bingo Lounge

Play 75-Ball Bingo in the Bingo Lounge room. Tickets cost just 10p. In Bingo Lounge, complete a specific pattern of blackout to win. There’s also a Progressive Jackpot plus every day between 2-3pm and 7-8pm there’s a chance to scoop another £2,000 Super Jackpot!

Get £25 of FREE Bingo

New members who join Woman Bingo can claim a whopping £25 Welcome Bonus with their first £10 deposit.There are loads of games to play on site, and with so many ways to play – there’s are so many ways to win!


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