woman bingo 75 ball bingoWhat is 75 Ball Bingo?

75-Ball Bingo is played on a bingo ticket containing 24 numbers from 1 to 75. In each game, you either need to complete a blackout, where you markoff all the numbers or form a specifc pattern like a star, pyrmamid of heart. The first player to complete the winning pattern or blackout wins!

How many 75-Ball Bingo rooms are there on Woman Bingo?

There are for fun rooms to get your 75-Ball Bingo groove on: Lounge, Speed Bingo, Round the Clock Bingo and Bingo 20

How many jackpots are there to be won?

There are two jackpots to be won. The game jackpot which is won every new game and the Progressive Jackpot, which can only be won if House is called within a certain number of ball calls, so it can get really high until someone has won it. But in Lound there’s also a thurds jackpot which is a £2,000 Super Jackpot available to be won every day between 2pm-3pm and 7pm-8pm.

How much does it cost to play 75 Ball Bingo on Woman Bingo?

Tickets are just 1p in the Speed Bingo room and 10p each in the other 75 Ball Bingo Rooms!


SO join in the fun and play 75 Ball Bingo at Woman Bingo today!


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