Woman Bingo Round The Clock

Amanda won the Round The Clock jackpot!

Amanda from Bradford bought just two 10p tickets in the 75-Ball Round The Clock Bingo room at Woman Bingo and went to do a bit of housework. When she came back, she found she had won the jackpot – her second in two years!

Amanda’s Bingo Win

Amanda won £2904 progressive jackpot on Round the Clock Bingo, and a £1,883 jackpot in 75 Ball Bingo Lounge Room.

How did Amanda spend her bingo win?

Amanda took her hubby on holidays, and gave some money to her parents and brother with her jackpot wins!

Amanda’s Favourite Games

Amanda likes to play in different bingo rooms, like Sapphire, TIki, Round The Clock, Bingo Royale and Bejeweled Bingo.  She also like’s the free daily games – such as Tiki’s Catch of the Day.

Congratulations Amanda on your Woman Bingo win! Perhaps you’ll get lucky and go 3 for 3?

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