Woman BingoEvery week we feature some amazing winner’s stories in Woman Magazine, and they all have different ideas about what to do with their bingo winnings!

It seems that our members are particularly generous, with most splashing out on presents for their family. Also popular is a holiday in the sunshine, followed by putting aside for a rainy day.

Here are the Top 10 Things Woman Bingo Winners do with their Winnings..

The Top 10 ways to spend bingo winnings

1. Presents for the family

2. A holiday (somewhere sunny!)

3. Put into savings

4. Redecorate the house

5. Buy a new laptop or TV

6. Buy new clothes

7. Put towards bills

8. Go out for a celebratory mea

9. Put towards a house deposit

10. Put towards a new car

What would you do if you won big on Woman Bingo?


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