There was a lot excitement among Karen & the other players in the Slots Friendzy room as the Progressive Jackpot grew to over £69,000 – everyone was talking about when it would ‘drop’.

What makes Slots Friendzy extra special is when the Progressive Jackpot is won, everyone who is playing three minutes before gets a share of the Community Jackpot, which is the same amount, so in Karen’s case there was over £138,000 up for grabs.

Suddenly a box popped up saying the Progressive Jackpot of £69,256 had been won  – so Karen and the other ‘roomies’ had won a share of the Community Jackpot! Karen won a whopping £1967! Which she used to spoil her son & husband, with enough left over for a rainy day.

Woman Bingo Winners

So what is the difference between a Progressive jackpot and a Community Jackpot? We fill you in!

Progressive Jackpot

The progressive Jackpot gets bigger with every spin until is won & can be won at any time. The winning player receives the full amount of the Progressive Jackpot.

The Community Jackpot

Once the progressive Jackpot is won, everyone who has placed a wager in the same game 3 mins prior to it being won, gets a share of a Community Jackpot, which is of equal value. Therefore the jackpot is paid twice!

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