Zoë is currently playing Gail in ITV’s friendship drama Girlfriends

What attracted you 
to Girlfriends? 
It’s lively and very British – it’s not glossy, it’s not chic, it’s very real, and that was appealing.
How do you see your character? 
Gail is a working-class girl and she has grown up on a council estate. She has a son, who has just come out of prison. She’s quietly 
very perceptive and 
isn’t at all judgmental.
Do you think having
long-standing female friendships is important? 
Yes. It is an instinct that happens when you are young and pick up people that you are intrigued by. You share emotions and frailties that you wouldn’t normally do to a stranger.
What was it like working with Phyllis Logan and Miranda Richardson? 
I am privileged to work with such graceful, perceptive women.


Kay Mellor, who wrote Girlfriends, said she wanted to give a voice to women of 
a certain age. 
Is this becoming more common now? 
Whatever job you do you’re going to be retired at some point. It’s always interesting to carry on developing and finding new things that excite you and frighten you.
That’s really what I’m interested in doing. ‘Women of a certain age’ keeps coming up, and it’s kind of patronising.
Girlfriends is on Wednesdays, 9pm, ITV