The unfair sexualisation of a young girl?

A 12 year old girl was eliminated from a chess tournament in Malaysia for dressing ‘seductively’.

The tournament director in fact ruled that her dress sense ‘violated the dress code of the tournament’. So what was she actually wearing?

A knee-length dress.

People quickly took to twitter in outrage ‘It’s a 12 year-old child for god’s sake. And how’s that dress ‘seductive’?’

‘A 12-year-girl wearing a knee-length dress, is apparently too “revealing” and “seductive” attire for some people’

‘There’s no circumstance that a preteen dressed like that can be considered ‘seductive’. Go wash out your mind’

Just when you think the story can’t get any worse Kaushal Khandhar, her coach said he found the news “disturbing” after officials also said the student’s attire could prove a “temptation from a certain angle far, far away”.

Officials requested that the girl’s mother purchase another ‘long slack’ prior to the start of the next round the following day however, timing meant that shops were closed near to the instruction being given.

The girl lost her travel costs, along with registration fees for the game.

Khandhar has said legal action will be taken unless the tournament director publicly apologises.