Phantom of the bedroom? Amethyst Realm has ditched human men for the spiritual kind! Here's why....

Amethyst Realm has decided to switch relationships with real men in favour of those with supernatural beings.

She says her ghostly encounters of the thrilling kind began over a decade ago when she began to feel ‘pressure’ on her body while lying in bed.

She was later caught ‘cheating’ by her fiancé with her first spooky lover when he came home early from a business trip. He said he saw the figure of a man in the window, which she was actually annoyed about because the ghost had never ‘shown himself’ to her.

But eventually that ghost relationship broke down, and the sex fizzled out.

Since then Amethyst said she’s had sex with more than 15 ghosts, leading Phill to quip, “You must have made quite a name for yourself in the spirit world. Well, they must like you – a lot come to you!”

Amethyst explained that she first began to feel a presence when she moved in with her fiancé and he would work away for days at a time.

As time went on she started to feel pressure on her body and believed that a supernatural being had found her and wanted the relationship to go further.

Asked if she was ever scared by the ghosts when they came up behind her, Amethyst said she actually found it comforting.

And when Holly questioned exactly how sex with a ghost might really be possible, Amethyst replied: “It is more about the pressure, you feel a weight, a heaviness.” Holly cheekily asked if the experience ever ended in orgasm – and Amethyst said “Yes”.  “And for the ghost?” asked Phil. “I hope so!” said Amethyst.



Amethyst says she is now on the look out for ‘Mr Right’ and has even looked into phantom pregnancies.

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