The pair are to make some significant changes...

Over the past few weeks, the press has been dominated with cheating allegations against Wayne Rooney.

Several reports are claiming that it’s curtains for the couple following reports of Wayne cheating with 29-year-old Lisa Wood. Last week, Wayne was caught up in a drink-driving scandal on his way home from the club with another woman in the vehicle – while pregnant Coleen holidayed in Spain.

Laura has since reached out to the press to confirm a romantic relationship between herself and the footballer to be true – claiming they had shared a ‘kiss and cuddle’. Following this, Coleen jetted back to the UK to begin ‘crisis talks’ with footballer Wayne over the future of their marriage – with many media outlets claiming Coleen was planning to ‘walk away’ from her husband of nine years.

But now, it’s being reported that it’s actually Wayne who has given Coleen an ultimatum for their marriage – either they both make significant changes, or call it quits altogether.

According to The Sun, Coleen has been asked to cut down her annual holidays without Wayne. Wayne has also been asked to limit his regular boozy nights out with the lads in order to save his marriage.


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The source shared: “He’s pointed the finger at her over the number of holidays she takes and she raised questions about his nights out with the lads.”

The source continued: “Col­een’s still furious with Wayne and is threatening all sorts. Wayne’s just hoping she’ll calm down. He’s told her he is willing to stop going out if that means she will stay with him. But he hasn’t totally held back himself.”

Finally, the source concluded that the pair will both need to make sacrifices to save their nine-year marriage: “In the end it’ll need some give-and-take on both sides to get everything back to normal.”

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Alice Perry