What did you think of VB's appearance?

Victoria Beckham is one woman who manages to master just about anything she puts her mind to – whether it’s fashion, music, make-up and motherhood.

And so, we were very surprised to learn that the mother-of-four has received a bout of criticism from fans following her recent appearance on This Morning.

Yesterday, Victoria had paid a visit to the This Morning gang in order to share some of her top make-up secrets, following the series of tutorials she has been posting on her Instagram page.

The segment, which follows Victoria’s new collaboration with mega make-up brand Estée Lauder, was aimed at showing audiences her step-by-step routine to achieving the trademark VB smokey eye and nude lip.

And while we were very busy taking lots of notes in order to achieve our own version of the VB signature look, the segment of the show has proven very controversial among viewers.

Many slammed the mother-of-four’s appearance on the show, asking This Morning producers not to give her airtime again.

One user writes, ‘Please don’t put @victoriabeckham make up tutorials on again they are as dull as dish water!’. Agreeing, another user shares: ‘Is there anyone more boring than Victoria Beckham?’. Another claimed they felt her manner had been ‘patronising’.

Whilst we will never condone any type of unnecessary personal criticism, it’s very relieving to see that the negative comments have been somewhat outweighed by tons of support for VB and her latest business venture.

One user shares, ‘I love her, no need for all the stick she gets by the media’.

Another writes, ‘Enjoyed this! Realistic beauty tips!’

Responding to the criticism another user shared: ‘She really surprised me – she came across really well and down to earth.’

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Victoria’s appearance on This Morning, so do comment below!

Alice Perry