While dad David Beckham is away, daughter Harper will play and she has shown she doesn’t always follow the rules when it comes to learning.

The seven-year-old, dressed in her purple school uniform, was caught doing graffiti on four of the windows of the family home by mum Victoria.

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While dad David is busy dining out at a Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong, wife Victoria is at home spending bank holiday with her family and after cuddles with her new baby niece Tabatha – brother Christian’s child, Posh turns her attention to her own youngest, Harper.

Left to her own devices before school this morning, Harper gets a head start on learning, by scribbling on the windows at home.

But unlike most parents who would be alarmed at the state of the glass which has been covered in red marker pen, Victoria captioned the videos, “Harper has found a way to make learning her spellings fun! x”

Clearly, VB isn’t worried about her windows looking posh if it helps her daughter excel in the classroom.

Harper was busy writing down spellings to words ending with ‘tion’ – Station, subtraction, education, caution, solution, interruption – and the list goes on. And the youngster can be seen marking her spellings when she’s spelt them right.

And the bizarre method is clearly working.

It’s not clear why Harper isn’t using pen and paper like most children but she seems to be thriving with this paperless, eco-friendly method as she seems to be learning her spellings well whilst saving the environment.

Let’s hope she is just as contentious when it comes to helping clean the windows or she could be there for a while!

It’s not the first time Harper has show interest in her school work, she’s previously shown off her great reading skills and also her artwork as she previously painted in the garden. And in her spare time, Harper has taken a liking to ice skating, even having lessons with her own ice skates.

Let’s hope kids everywhere don’t pick up the first pen they see and try copy the Beckham youngster or there will be plenty of cross parents out there sliding into Victoria’s DM’s…