The EastEnders actor was so delighted to be taking his newborn twins home for the first time that he proudly posted a picture to mark the occasion.

The black and white photograph shows Ross wearing a cap, polo shirt and jeans in what looks to be a hospital lift.

In either hand he has a car seat with Ava and Kitty sleeping peacefully inside. He captioned the picture: “Homeward bound. Very big thanks to all at John Radcliffe”.

His wife Renee O’Brian gave birth to the twins in September and Ross was quick to share the news with another cute picture showing all three of the ladies in his life. He thanked the hospital staff and admitted that he was “overjoyed” with the new arrivals.

Ross and Renee married in 2012 and also have a two-year-old little boy together. He also has a son from a previous relationship to make-up artist Nicola Coleman.

Several of Ross’s fan offered their congratulations to the actor. One person wrote: “What a lovely and proud photo, congratulations to you all … wonderful times ahead”. Another said: “Exciting times ahead Ross. Best of luck”.

A third joked: “Congrats Ross….. You thought being on the front line was tough….. You just wait.” Ross tried to reply to as many of the Tweets as he could but it is quite likely that he has his hands full!

Ross has previously spoken about how becoming a father has changed his outlook on life and his behaviour. In an interview with The Sun in July he said: “I love throwing the boys around, rough and tumble, but also watching Peppa Pig together.”

He added: “I had kids late in my life. I used to be that guy who liked to go out partying and drinking but I don’t do that anymore, and I don’t miss it.”