We all remember Tom Fletcher’s amazing wedding speech back in 2012. When he sung to his wife Giovanna in the tune of McFly’s old classics and made us all cry like a baby.

Well, now the popstar has gone and done it again as he’s created a spoof video dressed up as Prince Harry to celebrate the upcoming Royal Wedding – and it’s just as amazing as you’d imagine.

Wearing a military uniform, Tom can be seen serenading Meghan Markle – well, not the real one but a pretty good lookalike – while also being joined by the likes of Kate Middleton, Prince Charles and even the Queen herself.

In the tune of ‘Obviously’, the star sings: “Recently I’ve been having a wedding, I’ve married this beaut, you’ll know her from Suits, she’s Meghan.”

He then jokes: “I once was a rascal, then at Windsor Castle I kissed my bride, the nation felt pride, so thank you. From a prince playing polo, today I wed you because YOLO.”

The track then turns into Star Girl, where Tom tells Meghan ‘you’re one of the royals and that’s a big deal’. Changing the song again, the 32-year-old goes on to give a special shout out to his best man Prince William, singing: “Thanks to my brother, he’s like no other, because one day he’ll wear the crown.”

And just like Tom’s real-life tear-jerking wedding speech, the song ends with a rendition of It’s All About You, which he actually wrote for his wife back in 2005.

“You left me with a feeling that’s just a little strange, because I feel like I’ve won gold at the Invictus Games,’ he sang, before a choir of children enter to sing: ‘It’s all about you Meghan.”

The hilarious idea came from BBC Radio 1 presenter Matt Edmonson who was joined by Tom’s McFly bandmate and former Strictly winner Harry Judd in the audience.

Obviously, it didn’t take long for fans to comment on the viral video as one wrote: “This is just amazing! And WOW from far away those “royal look alikes” are spot on- crazy.”

“Only Tom Fletcher would do a parody of his own viral video 👏 This is brilliant!”, said another.

While a third added: “Omg this is incredible!!!” Agreed!

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Taken from our sister site, CelebsNow.