Now that she’s presenting This Morning to millions of viewers every day while Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield take the summer off, Ruth Langsford has gone on a serious health kick to get herself TV ready.

Ruth Langsford

After admitting that she ‘ate what she wanted’ on a recent family holiday, Ruth, 58, is now embracing healthy lifestyle changes.

The presenter has been sharing her journey, which involves weight training and completing 10,000 steps a day, with followers on social media.

But despite her best efforts, her husband and This Morning co-host Eamonn Holmes isn’t giving her the encouragement she needs, after teasing her  about her weight-loss mission live on TV.

Ruth has previously opened up about her TV body battle, saying, ‘There are loads of times when I forget to hold my stomach in, and I see a shot of myself and think, “Ooh, my pot belly!” Television really accentuates it.’

She added, ‘One week I think, “I’ll do my steps and not drink,” and I might lose a couple of pounds, but then it goes back on again.’

So will Ruth be able to keep up her strict new regime?


Ruth’s husband Eamonn certainly isn’t making her life any easier when it comes to her new diet. During the weight-loss segment on This Morning last week, the 58-year-old turned to his wife and said, ‘You’ve let yourself go.’

Ruth Langsford & Eamonn Holmes This Morning

The couple spoke to a panel of health experts when Eamonn revealed that Ruth stocks their cupboards with rice cakes.

After they were told rice cakes aren’t very good for you, Eamonn said to Ruth, ‘That’s why you’re not losing any weight.’

But it seemed to be a bit like the pot calling the kettle black as, just days later, Eamonn was called a ‘heart attack waiting to happen’ by weight-loss expert Steve Miller on Good Morning Britain. Steve added, ‘I would also say to Eamonn that he is too fat.’ Ouch!


Ruth Langsford

Last week, Ruth said she ‘ate what she wanted’ while she and Eamonn holidayed with 16-year-old son Jack, adding, ‘You have to enjoy yourself on holiday.’

But since returning, Ruth has switched up her diet and begun exercising regularly.

As well as reaching 10,000 steps every day, usually by walking her dog Maggie, Ruth has started a new exercise regime.

Ruth Langsford

Posting a video of her workout on Instagram last week, she wrote, ‘Giving weight training a try…’

She’s even been exercising twice some days. In another video post, she wrote, ‘Weight training this morning and an unexpected walk around a golf course this evening… #10000steps here I come!”

She also posted a healthy vegetable stir-fry, inspired by Gok Wan’s Asian cooking segment on This Morning.

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After hitting the menopause two years ago, Ruth admitted that she began struggling with her weight.

‘I’d been a size 12 my whole adult life until I had my son Jack – and even then I went back to a 12 after probably a year,’ she said. ‘Now I’m a size 14, a proper 14. I noticed my body changing; my waist started to go, my hair was thinning, and my face and neck were getting less firm.’

Ruth Langsford

Personal trainer and nutritional expert Laurel Alper says it’s difficult to shed those extra pounds during the menopause.

‘It’s hard to maintain your weight, let alone lose weight, because you don’t burn as many calories and your metabolism slows down,’ she tells Woman.

‘But the way that Ruth is being active and eating healthily is really good for her.’

She concluded, ‘Mentally, what Ruth is doing, exercising and changing her lifestyle, is really good at this time. And it looks as though she is doing it properly, safely and effectively, over a good amount of time.’

Words by Robyn Morris