The Radford family, who are widely regarded as the biggest family in the UK, have revealed in a new Youtube video that they are expecting their 21st baby.

The huge family, headed up by dad Noel and mum Sue, have regularly appeared in documentaries charting the ups and downs of their giant family.

And now, Sue, 42, has shared in a vlog that she is pregnant for the 21st time – just months after vowing that their 20th baby would be their last. In fact, Sue gave birth to their youngest child, son Archie, just seven months ago.

In the video, Sue said, “We’re just on the way home from having a very special, lovely appointment.

“And I’m just wondering if anybody can guess where we’ve been. I bet you can.”

Then, she showed off her blossoming bump, and said, “Yes, I am pregnant again”. It’s not clear how far along she is in her pregnancy. The couple also shared the exciting news on their Instagram page, alongside a scan of the bubba.

Sue and Noel are already parents to Chris, Katie, Chloe, Casper, Millie, James, Ellie, Jack, Daniel, Luke, Josh, Max, Sophie, Tillie, Oscar, Aimee, Hallie, Phoebe, and baby Archie.

Later on in the video, expectant parents Sue and Noel had a ‘gender reveal’ to find out the sex of their baby. After asking the rest of their kids what they thought the sex would be, they discovered that they were in fact having a girl. Congrats guys!

I love this picture so much 😍💗 #babygirl #family #love

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Sue later confessed, “I honestly thought it was going to be blue (for a boy). So I think everyone’s in a bit of shock!”

The Radford’s currently live in a former care home in Lancashire – one of the only properties big enough to house their brood.

Reportedly, the family spend a whopping £300 a week on food shopping, and get through countless loaves of bread, and 18 pints of milk every seven days.

It’s also been alleged that the family do not claim benefit support for their large family. The couple currently run a bakery in Heysham, which they have owned since 1999. We’re not sure how they find the time! We’re practically sweating just thinking about it…