Susanna Reid is usually impeccably dressed and beautifully put together when she hosts ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

But, it seems as though Susanna, 47, may have been a little distracted while getting ready for Wednesday morning’s show, as co-host Piers Morgan pointed out her major beauty mistake.

Bringing in the 6am show Piers, 53, quipped, “Okay, just show them your hands.”

To which Susanna lifted both her hands showing off one perfectly manicured hand with red nail polish, while the other was completely natural.

“Sorry about that. Not quite ready,” she explained, of her beauty mishap.

Despite Susanna’s explanation, some fans were still left confused, with one person commenting, “@piersmorgan talking of lazy, why [has] Susanna got one hand with nail varnish and the other without!”

And, Piers even blamed her nail polish blunder due to her being ‘discombobulated’, and claimed Susanna was ‘very, very snappy’ during their morning meeting.

“Someone is really a bit discombobulated today. I’ve got to say one of the more tense meetings I’ve had with Susanna this morning. Very, very snappy,” he teased.

But, it looks like Susanna had the last laugh as fans were utterly delighted when Piers was replaced later on in the show by cameraman Carl.

Piers thought he could do a better job of filming the show so took a spot behind the camera, while Carl took to centre stage.

And, fans couldn’t be happier, with one person writing, “Carl is a lot ‘easier on the eye’ than Piers in the morning.”

While another added, “Carl & @susannareid100 are a much better couple!!!”

A third said, “What a sight to see him sat between the lovely Suzanna and Charlotte.”

From the looks of Susanna’s face she seems absolutely delighted to have a little break from Piers for a while.