Susanna Reid’s outfit choice caused a stir on Good Morning Britain after she was forced to jokingly deny she’s pregnant.

The news reader opted for a blue and white striped dress on Wednesday’s show which featured a low collar and a fabric twist down the centre.

But it looks like not everyone was a fan of the daring outfit, as comments began flooding in from viewers – and co-host Piers Morgan – that it looked like pyjamas.

One fan at home even suggested that the 47-year-old’s dress was more like maternity wear, so the TV star was quick to prove that she’s definitely not expecting.

“Someone has raised the spectre of this being a maternity dress,” Susanna quipped as Piers burst out laughing. Before adding: “They’ve got a point to be honest.”

To which Piers said: “I’m not the father, I’ve got to make that absolutely crystal clear,” as Susanna interjected: “No one needed that to be made clear.”

After jumping from her seat and running her hand over her stomach, Susanna then declared: “After Tyson Fury told me yesterday that I could drop a few pounds by drinking black coffee…

“I might be wearing a maternity dress but it’s not because I’m pregnant, it’s because I ate a whole packed or fruit shortcake in one sitting. It’s a food baby.”

This comes after boxer Tyson Fury told the host to drink her coffee black if she wanted to lose weight.

During an interview on Tuesday, Susanna asked the sportsman how he managed to lose four stone to which Tyson remarked that she “should change her white coffee to a black coffee to lose them [pounds]…” Before quickly added: “Not that you need to!”

“I just got fat shamed by Tyson Fury,” Susanna then joked.

Although it looks like there’s no bad blood between these two, as mum-of-two Susanna revealed the heavyweight champ had sent her a gift to apologise.

Speaking on this Wednesday’s show, Susanna revealed: “I have received a lovely present from Tyson Fury. It’s some coffee and crucially, some milk.