Susanna Reid is already well accustomed to on-air awkwardness, presenting alongside controversial Good Morning Britain co-star Piers Morgan everyday.

However, despite the fact Piers is currently away from the show, Susanna still found herself gobsmacked during today’s edition of GMB – after guest co-host Richard Madeley made a bizarre comment about her recent weight loss.

Introducing the show, Richard said: “Well good morning, it’s just gone 6 o’clock and welcome to the programme, it’s nice to be back.”

Turning to Susanna, who looked gorgeous as ever in a form-fitting crimson dress, he then added: “Well haven’t you lost weight since I was last here!”

Visibly caught off-guard by the comment, Richard seemingly realised it might have been misinterpreted – adding: “I was just going to say, you look amazing.”

Accepting the compliment, 47-year-old Susanna responded: “Thank you very much, you’re very kind.”

However, Richard continued to dig for information – putting his co-host back on the spot as he inquired about how she’d achieved the fitness overhaul.

“I just stopped eating so much,” a flustered Susanna replied.

She then detailed how she avoids alcohol, but has a ‘snack in between meals’ – before adding: “I tend not to talk about my weight terribly.”

Taking the hint, Richard joked that he should “leave now” after the awkward conversation.

We’re sure Richard only had good intentions, however, as the show then proceeded as normal. In fact, many viewers have taken to social media to praise the 62-year-old TV personality.

One user shared: “Richard Madeley and his magnificent hair should be a permanent fixture on primetime telly. #gmb

Another posted: “Keep Richard Madeley he is so awesome as a presenter”

Agreeing, one user shared: “Good Morning Britain, thank goodness Richard Madeley has returned. Much better now.”


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