Susanna Reid has been on somewhat of a health kick recently, shedding a whopping two stone after giving up alcohol.

And now the Good Morning Britain host has discussed the amazing effects of ditching the booze on her overall wellbeing – explaining that she’s never felt better.

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She confessed to the Daily Express, “It is more than 100 days since I last touched alcohol and I feel clearer, sharper, and more energetic than ever,

“It’s certainly helped me – not least because I have get up so early and it doesn’t help when you feel as if you are in a constant state of jet lag.”

Susanna is certainly looking better than ever after staying sober for 100 days, wowing viewers and fans with her svelte appearance on GMB.

But the presenter has admitted that that doesn’t mean she might not indulge over the festive season, if she fancies it.

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She admitted, “I might fancy some vodka shots [on New Year’s Eve] but then again I might feel like I can keep going. The truth is I don’t know, but at the moment it’s working for me.” Good for you!

While Susanna Reid has undoubtedly always looked fabulous, she recently revealed that her weight-loss was sparked by a stark warning from a doctor.

They told her that she was at the upper end of what is considered to be a healthy weight for her height it terms of the BMI scale – setting her on her weight-loss journey.

She said, “And as you get older it takes that little bit longer to get over a night out if you’ve had some drinks. I feel better.”

Things are going well in other parts of Susanna’s private life too – the mum-of-three has recently begun a new relationship with chairman of football club Crystal Palace FC, Steve Parish, four years after splitting from her previous partner.

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However, the GMB host admitted that she doesn’t have any plans to get hitched to her new beau any time soon.

Live on the show, she said, “I don’t want to get married. I’ve never wanted to be married.”