Ever the trouble maker, Piers Morgan has been the subject of fierce debate online – after criticising Bond star Daniel Craig for carrying his baby daughter in a papoose.

However, Piers may have got his just deserts (quite literally) for the controversial comments, as he took a pie to the face whilst presenting today’s edition of Good Morning Britain.

TV funny man Harry Hill paid a visit to the ITV studios this morning to discuss his forthcoming live tour, Harry Hill Kidz Show: How To Be Funny…For Kids, which sees him teaching children how to create a custard pie.

Explaining that “it’s a dying art”, he then drew a letter ‘P’ on his pie with whipped cream – adding that its “quite nice is to personalise it if you’re going to throw it at anyone in particular”.

He then proceeded to launch the pie at Piers in the name of  “all the dads who wear papooses”, including “Ross Kemp and Daniel Craig”, as shocked crew members watched on.

Sadly, Piers, 53, wasn’t feeling selfish with the pies – as he then threw another pie in co-host, 47-year-old Susanna Reid’s face after he caught her laughing at him.

Of course, Harry didn’t get away scot-free either, as Piers then threw another one at his guest.

The highly controversial TV personality managed to spark a heated row online after poking fun at the Bond actor for the way he chose to carry his child – which he said was ’emasculating’.

Piers had reposted a picture of Daniel holding his child in a papoose style carrying device – to which he’d written: “Oh 007.. not you as well?!!! #papoose #emasculatedBond”

Throughout the day, Piers continued to offer that fathers carrying their babies in papooses is an emasculating act.

As with a lot of things the Good Morning Britain presenter shares, his online commentary on baby accessories caused a great deal of debate.

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