It’s been revealed why more people are placing a bet on tonight’s Mini Lotto which has an £80,000 jackpot.


Thanks to a special promo from Lottoland, people can now get two bets for only 50p*.

The aim of Mini Lotto is to pick five numbers from 1-42.

Getting all five correct pays out the top prize of £80,000 while lower-tier payouts could be won if the jackpot isn’t hit.

And now with Lottoland, it costs 50p* to get two bets on tonight’s £80,000 Mini Lotto!

Naturally, this has caused a rush of new customers to sign-up to Lottoland today.

It’s important to appreciate the little things in life — that’s what makes Mini Lotto one of the most loved jackpot events on Lottoland.

Considering lottery jackpots usually run into the millions, an £80,000 prize might not seem like a lot.

But Mini Lotto isn’t a typical lottery game.

There’s a smaller pool of numbers — 1-42 — and you only need to pick five to win. There’s no additional bonus balls.

Bet on tonight’s £80,000 Mini Lotto for only 50p with Lottoland.

The jackpot is available to bet on every single day!

Results are revealed after 8pm and can be viewed on Lottoland’s website.

Usually it costs 35p for a single bet on the Mini Lotto, but Lottoland’s latest offer gives you two bets for 50p, a discount of 28%.

What are your lucky numbers for tonight?

Unlock Lottoland’s special Mini Lotto welcome offer right here! 2 bets for 50p* for new customers!

Terms and conditions

*Get two bets for 50p on Mini Lotto by clicking the link above.

Promotion is available to new players only. Players must be 18 or over. Promotion is redeemable once per player. These terms are supplemental to Lottoland’s Promotional Terms and Conditions which are found here.