We didn't know this about Strictly Come Dancing!

A brand new series of Strictly Come Dancing has made it’s very welcome way back on our screens, bringing with it a bevvy of new ballroom hopefuls and more sequins than we can handle.

And as we immerse ourselves in all things Strictly, we were very excited to hear that a massive ballroom secret had been let slip by former contestant Jeremy Vine during an interview with Lorraine.

During the segment of the show discussing Strictly, the broadcaster who appeared on the 2015 leg of the competition revealed a secret way that the judges mark the contestants.

Jeremy reveals that the judges pay attention to who puts the most time into training. Giving advice for the 2017 contestants, he shared: “I would say work hard. I think the judges get information about how many hours you’ve done. You can’t just skim it.”

After Lorraine had responded that she hadn’t know that about the judging system, Jeremy then added, “I think they do. They’re not impressed if you go out to lunches all the time.”

Of course, the judges aren’t only marking on who puts the most time in. In fact, new head judge Shirley Ballas has revealed the things she will be looking for in contestants.

Shirley said: “I will be quite strict. To really impress me, the celebrity will have to have elements of technique, creativity and also the magic with your partner – chemistry.”

The new head judge then adds, “I’m bringing 40 years of dance experience along with all my coaching and judging so you better pull your socks up and be ready.”

This year, contestants are made up of some very hopeful ballroom professionals-to-be including Mollie King, Ruth Lansford, Gemma Atkinson, Aston Merrygold and Alexandra Burke.

Lets hope they’re all ready to pack in the hours! Let us know what you think about the secret Strictly marking system in the comments below.

Alice Perry