Stacey Solomon has revealed that her and boyfriend Joe Swash are finally ready to take their relationship to the next level.

The couple – who have been together for three-years – have decided to finally move in together.

Stacey Solomon

Stacey revealed the exciting news in her Fabulous column, admitting that she’s officially ready to take the plunge.

The Loose Women panellist wrote: “SO after three years Joe and I are taking the plunge and blending our lives in our very own together home. Wahoo!”

It’s clear that the star had to think long and hard about her decision to move out with her two boys, Zachery, 11 and Leighton, six.

“We have been working really hard to ensure that all of our children feel happy, comfortable and settled and we are finally in a place where we’re ready to merge. For the last few weeks while I’ve been clearing out my home ready for the move, the boys and I have been staying at Joe’s so it’s been like a moving in trial,” Stacey admitted.

And, although she admits that the couple spend most of their time together between each other’s houses, it’s clear that the 28-year-old has noticed some of her boyfriend’s bad habits.

“You notice EVERYTHING. At first every foible is very cute and endearing, but it only takes a couple of weeks for that to wear off.”

“I’ve also learned that Joe is a one plate washer. After dinner he takes his plate to the sink and washes it up. Just that. It’s almost as though he can’t see the pile of utensils I’ve used to cook the dinner, they’re completely invisible. Note to self – must think of gentle nudges to encourage the washing of ALL dishes, not just our own. Maybe I’ll buy fluorescent kitchenware just so he can’t miss them,” she confessed.

And, that seems like just the start as Stacey goes on to explain that Joe, 36, doesn’t open his mail, has loads of fizzy drink and junk food stashed in the fridge and even opts to watch scary documentaries instead of Stacey’s choice of kids films.

Hopefully these two find their feet and perhaps do a little bit of compromising.