After Britney Spears wowed her fans last week with videos of her impressive workout regimes – now Stacey Solomon and her boyfriend Joe Swash have also given it a go.

Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon

But while pop princess Britney made exercising with her hunky boyfriend Sam Asghari look effortless in her Instagram clips, Stacey and Joe soon found out it’s a lot harder than it looks.

Posting a video of her own workout, the Loose Women star can be seen attempting to hold her boyfriend around her waist while he tries to complete an impressive sit up routine.

“Don’t crazy, just softly mount me”, 28-year-old Stacey tells Joe before they get started.

As the former EastEnders actor then jumps on his other half, things don’t exactly go to plan as Stace shouts: “Oh my god you’re so heavy”.

After lowering himself down, Joe gets stuck just above the floor as Stacey desperately tries to keep her balance.

“Oh no I can’t, I really can’t!” she shouts, before the pair eventually tumble onto the floor in a fit of giggles.

Obviously, fans found the whole thing hilarious, as one wrote, ‘Can’t stop laughing’.

Another added: ‘That is soooo funny…both are brilliant’, while a third wrote: ‘Hahahaha this was hilarious

And Stace isn’t the only Loose Women lady who’s been trying out Britney’s routine, as Nadia Sawalha and her hubby Mark Adderley also took to Instagram this week with their own version.

Posting a video on Instagram of Britney’s and her workout side-by-side, 53-year-old Nadia wrote, “So we thought we’d give @britneyspears couples workout a go. Think you’re going to find it hard to tell us apart!”

But things go equally as pear shaped for these two as Nadia squeals, “I’ll break my back”.

After Mark reassures her, “I’ve got you. Go lie back. Lie back”, the telly star isn’t convinced and slowly slips onto the floor before being greeted by their family dog.

So we thought we'd give @britneyspears couples workout a go. Think you're going to find it hard to tell us apart! 😂😂😂 Check out our Facebook for the full video!

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Nice try ladies, we reckon a few more hours practise and you’ll have it down!