Holly Willoughby updates her Insta feed with her gorg outfit choices daily – and with every upload she’s looking more and more fabulous.

From fitted, tailored suits to glam gowns, there’s not a look she can’t pull off. So what’s the secret behind her svelte figure?


An advocate for healthy weight loss, Holly’s keen not to endorse any kind of FAD diet or quick weight-loss schemes.

Instead, she’s spoken about how a healthy, balanced diet helps her to stay in shape, but Celebrity Juice buddy Keith Lemon has let another secret slimming weapon slip.

 In an interview with The Sun he revealed, ‘I’ve heard a rumour that it’s some sort of boxing.’

Sounds pretty do-able to us! Now where can we pick up some boxing gloves…?

Keith went on to explain how they got onto the topic of Holly’s weight.
‘I asked if she was going to be bringing a fitness DVD out, because everyone’s going to be saying, ‘I want a body like Holly Willoughby!”

Holly is apparently ‘sick’ of being quizzed about her weight. Keith added,  ‘Ages ago she came back from holiday and I said she’d lost weight, I could see it in her face.

🦋💎🌊🐳🐬💙… all the blues x

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‘Then everyone picked up on it, and we were at a party a while later and I said ‘I bet you’re sick to death of everyone asking you how you’ve lost it…but how have you lost it?’

‘Holly’s always been a total babe.’

Speaking of her own views on body confidence, Holly shared with Fabulous magazine, ‘I try not to focus too much on my appearance. As long as I’m healthy, that’s good enough for me.

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