Sheridan Smith caused concern amongst her fans at a recent comback performance at the Royal Albert Hall.

The singer – who famously suffered a breakdown after a difficult year – returned to the stage on Tuesday to sing songs from her new album.

But according to The Sun, the 36-year-old appeared to struggle with the emotion of the event, failing to finish some of her songs, and becoming tearful at regular intervals.

According to The Times, she confessed at the start of the evening, “I am so nervous”.

She also admitted, “Oh dear, blubbing already and it’s still the first half.”, while a fan reportedly told the Mirror that she seemed “very emotional”.

Sheridan acknowledged her tough struggle, after singing her rendition of Gnarl’s Barkley’s Crazy. She confessed, “So guys I obviously sang that song because it’s been quite well documented that I lost my mind for a couple of years.”

In 2016, Sheridan sadly lost her father Colin to cancer. Previously, she has said that, “I kind of just lost it and I was totally going to give it all up.”

The singing superstar however also made some more light-hearted references to her experience with relationships over the years.

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She joked with the audience, “Do you know what really makes me crazy? I think you will understand, or I hope you girls will, but men, they send me up the wall.

“But it’s true they play games don’t they? And I don’t mean KerPlunk. They play head games.”

However, it seems that Sheridan has found happiness again with a new man in her life. According to the Daily Mail, as she introduced a new song, she teased “My boyfriend loves this song. Whoops, did I let that slip?” Ooh!

Most recently, Sheridan Smith has been linked to model Graham Nation – although it’s not clear if he’s the boyfriend she’s referring to.

Despite appearing emotional at the concert, many fans have since taken to social media to praise the star for her “inspirational” performance at the iconic venue.

One fan wrote, “Wonderful night watching Sheridan Smith be all kinds of radiant at the @RoyalAlbertHall. Absolutely loved it. #sheridansmith”.

While another agreed, “#SheridanSmith , what a fantastic night at the Albert Hall, Sheridan Smith, your performance was AMAZING! ‘This is me’ brought a tear to everyones eye, truly an inspiration to us all x”.