She's currently preparing for her huge comeback with the launch of a second album.

And it looks like Sheridan Smith’s new music will be very close to home this time around as the star has touched upon her failed romances in the powerful lyrics.

Sheridan Smith

The 36-year-old is currently happily engaged to her 28-year-old beau Jamie Horn, with the pair seemingly very loved-up.

But her previous relationship with model Graham Nation didn’t exactly end on good terms, with Sheridan admitting after the split, “I don’t pick them very well.”

And now, in her new single Priceless, the Cilla star has channelled her heartache as she opens up about being ‘lied to’ and finally finding her self-respect.

The lyrics read, “Rock bottom and reckless, I’m running round your one-track mind. I’ve loved hard and too easy and now I’m going to take what’s mine.”

She continues, “I’m priceless, one of a kind. Pack your bags, boy, wait out of line. Same old lies, God I must have been blind.”

This comes after Sheridan revealed she’d teamed up with Ed Sheeran’s songwriter Amy Wadge on her second studio album ‘A Northern Soul’ which will be released on November 4.

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Speaking about the songs set to feature, Sheridan told The List, “I’ve loved getting back into the music.

“It feels great to be able to sing a song while telling a story in three minutes.

“I’ve been working with some amazing people who can get inside my head and help me write these great songs about my life.”

Actress Sheridan – who has previously battled extreme anxiety after her father passed away in December 2016 – also revealed she finds it ‘weird’ to open up about her own life.

She said, “When you’re playing a character you immerse yourself into someone else. That’s the first thing I found quite weird about doing an album – having to be me.”