Ross Kemp is best known as hard man Grant Mitchell on EastEnders, but he surprised fans this week by showing off his best dance moves.

Ross Kemp

The documentary maker joined Loose Women panelists Andrea McLean and Nadia Sawalha on Tuesday to speak about a helicopter crash which nearly killed him.

But things didn’t stay serious for long, as 54-year-old Ross was later asked to get up and try the floss dance alongside fellow guest Brian Conley.

Unfortunately, he didn’t exactly know how to do the latest dance craze and ended up just thrusting his hips awkwardly and trying to co-ordinate his hands. Take a look at the hilarious moment…

Naturally, the clip of the TV star attempting to floss is now doing the rounds on Twitter, with ITV viewers getting all hot and bothered over Ross’ moves.

“Ross kemp doing the Floss is one of the funniest things you will see this week”, one fan wrote.

“I can’t stop watching the video of ross kemp on loose women trying to do the floss dance”, said another.

While a third added, “Watching @RossKemp trying to floss has officially made my day #flosslikeross”.

Some fans even renamed him ‘Floss Kemp’ after the funny moment.

This isn’t the first time Ross has become an internet sensation in recent weeks, after the former actor uploaded a completely naked video congratulating the England team on winning a World Cup game against Colombia.

Sharing a short clip in the buff as he praised Gareth Southgate’s team, the actor shouted, “You will never know what that means to me.”

Taking a more serious tone, he rather aggressively added, “That is everything, everything. We love you, boys. We f**king love you.”

And fans found the whole thing hilarious, with one replying, “I’ve watched it like 12 times now”, and a second adding, “This video is gold”.