Since becoming a royal, Meghan Markle’s fashion has been scrutinised, and the Duchess of Sussex came under fire once again on Tuesday when she made her first appearance in the royal Ascot box, without her name badge on.

With all Royal members – except The Queen – required to wear a badge, and Meghan’s husband Prince Harry, 33,  firmly wearing his on the day, it didn’t take long for eagle-eyed fans to pick up that the 36-year-old hadn’t worn hers.

Holding the badge in her hand, as she arrived at the prestigious Berkshire event, many speculated that the brunette beauty had broken Royal protocol, with Kate Middleton – arguably one of the most famous women in the country – known to have worn hers in the past.

So why didn’t Meghan wear her name tag despite strict Royal rules?

It’s thought that the Duchess’ Givenchy shirt dress is made from silk or another light material, which would mean the fabric could pucker or leave noticeable marks should she have attached the name tag.

However, the Duchess of Cambridge has previously worn cotton or lace dresses to the event, which are less likely to be spoiled by the badge.

Panic over!

However, Meghan wouldn’t be the first Royal who has chosen not to wear her name tag, as the Duchess of Cornwall has also previously omitted wearing the badge.

Nevertheless, the new royal looked stunning as she and Harry made their debut as a married couple at Royal Ascot, while also celebrating their one month anniversary.

Teamed with the most flamboyant black-and-white brimmed Phillip Treacy hat, Meghan oozed sophistication in the Givenchy number.

And while she’s said to have broken Royal rules going without her name tag, Meghan actually  adhered to The Queen’s strict dress code with elegant headwear pretty much a given for the royal celebration and dresses of a ‘modest length’ a requirement.

So if you ask us, it looks like Meghan is adjusting nicely to Royal style.