They’ve been dubbed ‘Nostradamus in stilettos’ thanks to their uncanny 
ability to predict world events including the 9/11 terrorist attacks, natural disasters and even Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar win.

Now the Psychic Twins Terry and Linda Jamison, who claim they have been channelling messages from the late Princess Diana for over 20 years, reveal to Woman that the icon has been back in contact with some revelations set 
to rock the royals.

There was no love lost between Diana and Camilla, who the late princess famously branded ‘the third person’ in her doomed marriage to Prince Charles before they divorced in 1996. Charles went on to marry Camilla in 2005 but Terry and Linda claim Diana, who died 
in a car crash in 1997, told them she has now forgiven her rival over the notorious affair. ‘Diana told us she’s very proud of Charles and Camilla and is holding no ill will. She even said she feels Camilla would do a better job as Queen Consort than her.’ The twins say Diana told 
them, ‘I feel Camilla has grown up and changed a great deal since our rivalry so many years ago. I have moved out of the resentment I had when I was married and I have no regrets. I can say with confidence that Charles and Camilla were fated to be together, whatever happens, I wish them both happiness.’


With Meghan and Harry set to welcome their first child in the spring, Linda and Terry say Diana is hopeful it won’t be long before another royal grandchild follows. The twins say she told them, 
‘I see at least two children, who desire to be born into the world, and you will be loving and devoted parents to them.’

They said Diana was also confident that Meghan’s estranged father, Thomas Markle, will meet his grandchild but urged them to reconcile before it’s too late, warning, ‘There is so much bad blood between them and his health isn’t great, so if he wants to see the child 
he shouldn’t wait too long.’ Linda and Terry, who accurately predicted the birth of William and Kate’s children, 
say at least one of Meghan and Harry’s brood will be a girl, saying, ‘We see at least one girl, but we don’t know if this one is going to be a girl.’


The twins say while Diana is thrilled that youngest son Harry has found his ‘soulmate’, she warned of turbulent times ahead. They say Diana even hinted that Harry may cheat on Meghan at some point and urged the couple to stay loyal to one another, telling them, ‘Being role models on this high platform will challenge you to the core but as long as you stay unified, you will rise above any difficulty.’ The twins say Diana also predicted further heartache for Meghan, who has previously faced racist abuse online. They say she told them, ‘She may be criticised simply because of her race,’ but ‘they 
are passionate about humanitarian causes and 
will make a difference in the world.’


She was regarded as a royal rebel, from her ground-breaking humanitarian 
work to trailblazing style statements, and the twins say Princess Diana is delighted that Meghan 
and Kate are following suit.
The twins say Diana told them, ‘They are greatly influenced by my approach to the monarchy. They’ve followed my lead in their fashion choices and Meghan especially is more inclined to be the rebel. Perhaps because she is American, she tends to buck tradition 
a bit more than Kate and this is one of the qualities Harry loves so much about her.’ But the twins claim Diana dismissed the rumours of an ongoing feud between the royal ladies, telling them, 
‘I feel they actually have 
a sisterly relationship. I don’t think there is a rivalry.’