Her marriage to Prince Charles was far from perfect, and it 
has since been revealed that Princess Diana confided in 
the Queen when it came to her relationship woes and also her struggles with becoming part of the Royal Family.

“Nobody sees the Queen without an appointment, but Diana used to wait until the Queen’s last visitor – if you like – had left. Then she’d [Diana] dash in before the next one, and just cry,” revealed royal correspondent Ingrid Seward.

And US-based psychic twins Linda and Terry Jamison, who claim to regularly ‘speak’ with Diana, have now exclusively given us an insight into what exactly went on during these secret meetings.

“Diana has revealed to us that she felt she had no-one else to turn to during these hard times, except for the Queen,” the twins tell us.

“She was very proper of course, and a bit stiff. She was not used to handling this type of emotional issue. The Princess would cry on her shoulder because she felt so much rage towards everyone.

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“She would pour her heart out to her, because for that moment she knew it was good to have a listener who knew Charles better than she did. Diana truly felt that no-one loved her for who she really was.

“She tells us that her marriage to Charles was far from perfect, and very different from the image they presented to 
the public at events.”

Despite her rocky relationship with Charles over the years, the twins reveal that Her Majesty never blamed Diana for the breakdown of their marriage, and instead placed most 
of it on her eldest son.

“Diana told us that the Queen did not hold anything against her, rather she felt the onus to be on Diana’s husband Prince Charles,” admit the twins.

“When Diana married Charles, Queen Elizabeth mistakenly assumed that she understood what her life in the Royal Family would involve. But Diana felt such great pressure in her new role, she was lonely and misunderstood.”

But the twins say Diana believed the Queen had admiration for her, particularly due to her devotion to William and Harry.

“The Princess admitted that the Queen appreciated her dedication to her sons, and they truly are amazing young men and she is very proud of them,” reveal Linda and Terry.

We couldn’t agree more.