Royal expert Lady Colin Campbell says the Duchess of Sussex knows how to ‘control’ her husband

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

There’s no denying that Prince Harry is captivated by his 
wife Meghan Markle, but it looks like she might be all too aware 
of this – and using it 
to her advantage.

The pregnant duchess, 37, has recently been given the infamous nickname “Duchess difficult”. Now, royal biographer Lady Colin Campbell explains that Harry, 34, is “entranced” by her.

She explains, “My understanding is that he’s completely besotted with her and she’s got a very strong personality, and one of the characteristics of people with these very strong personalities is that other people are inclined to be in their thrall.”

meghan markle harry

Worrying weight loss for harry

Harry has not only given up alcohol while Meghan is carrying their first child, but he’s also thought to have given up caffeine and meat at her request.

Lady Colin says those close to him are starting to worry about his rapid weight loss. “She’s radically altered his diet to such an extent that people in the palace are anxious about his eating habits,” adds Lady C.

“I was told that people at the palace are concerned at the fact that he seems to have lost more weight than they would like to have seen him lose.”

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry

Smitten Prince

Lady Colin says that Meghan, “like many powerful, feminine women, seems to use Harry’s masculinity as a foil for her own femininity – so he’s protecting her at the very moment that she is in the more potent position in the relationship.”

She tells Woman, “It’s a very classical thing that women of an older generation used to do – let the man believe that he’s in the driver’s seat, when they’re the ones who have their hand on the wheel.”

The royal biographer continues that Harry’s Hanoverian heritage could be partly to blame for his “obsession” with Meghan.

“The Hanoverian dynasty has a long history of being obsessed with love objects,” she explains. “They form 
an attachment that is so obsessively strong that reason doesn’t even enter into the picture.”

Meghan Harry

Isolating friends and family

Harry and his brother, Prince William, have always had a close bond – but it seems Harry’s relationship with Meghan has caused them to drift apart.

Lady Colin explains how William “tried to get through” to Harry about how quick his relationship was moving, “but Harry was already hooked”. “William quite sensibly told him to go slow, 
but Harry didn’t want to hear it.”

Harry has also distanced himself from his friends. “Many of his old buddies have concerns that Meghan, with her Hollywood beliefs, has not understood that some of them are in direct conflict with the traditional British way of life,” says Lady C.

“All married couples change subtly, but when someone changes as much as Harry has, 
it creates a distance for friends.”