Although they’ve been separated for a quarter of a century, it seems they were never really apart

More than 25 years after their separation was announced, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson are closer than ever.

While all eyes were on them at their daughter Eugenie’s wedding, it’s what’s going on behind closed doors that has those in royal circles whispering.

Woman understands the couple – who are back living together at the Royal Lodge in Windsor, despite divorcing in 1996 – became particularly close during the preparations for the wedding.

And now that it’s over, their bond is leaving some wondering just how long 
it will be before they’re back together officially.

With the Queen said to be ‘on board’ with the idea of a reunion, how 
are the royals planning on slowly reintroducing Fergie – who was once, 
by her own admission, ‘tagged unsuitable for royal life’ – back into The Firm?

Holding a torch

Although they called time on their relationship in 1992, it’s clear that they never stopped caring for one another. Fergie, 59, described their relationship in 2016 as ‘divorced to each other right now… we’ve never really left each other.’

Her heartfelt tributes to Andrew, 58, 
on Instagram – including a birthday message calling him the ‘best man, father, friend’ – and their regular public appearances together prove this was more a case of ‘consciously uncoupling’ than a separation, as 
the pair remained dear friends.

As well as putting on a united front on family skiing trips to Verbier and at film premieres, they both attended milestones such as Princess Beatrice’s graduation in 2011. But their bond went deeper than just being civil to support their two children – Fergie once described them as ‘the happiest divorced couple in the world’.

Back on track

Although they’ve remained close, watching their youngest daughter tie the knot to Jack Brooksbank has arguably brought them even closer and reminded them of the marital bliss they once enjoyed.

Fans are begging them to get back together, commenting, ‘Just get married already’ on Fergie’s Instagram posts. And guests at the Royal Lodge are reported to have heard them referring to one another as ‘husband’ and ‘wife’.

A chequered history

After marrying in 1986, Fergie and Andrew had two daughters, Princess Beatrice in 1988 
and Princess Eugenie in 1990, before separating in 1992.

The split didn’t go down well with the Queen, who couldn’t hide her disdain for the ensuing media circus. In an unprecedented move, she released a statement calling the media speculation ‘undesirable’ and asking people to ‘spare’ the family ‘any intrusion’.

However, an insider says the Queen has ‘softened’ with age, and is now open to welcoming Fergie back into the family.

Family unit

Having mostly grown up with both parents around, Beatrice and Eugenie would love for them to reunite officially, our royal insider reports. And Fergie has never ruled it out.

‘He’s still my handsome prince, he’ll always be my handsome prince,’ she admits. ‘In our every day, we really respect each other and we honour each other and it’s just lovely to have that sense of integrity.’ And Andrew agrees, ‘If you’ve been married to somebody, I just see it as illogical not to be a friend at the end of the day.’

Despite their daughters ‘not understanding’ why they separated, Andrew and Fergie’s time apart was crucial in bringing them back together.

‘They’re different people to who they were when they split up and in some ways, they are closer than ever,’ says our source. ‘The sparks are still there. Neither of them can imagine that same bond with anyone else.’

If the pair do officially reunite, let’s hope this time it can go the distance…