We'll race you to the nearest Primark!

Primark. A haven of budget candles, handy multi-packs of socks and those pizza pool floats.

It’s our go-to place for discount galore, and it would appear Primark has managed to outdo itself once more – having released a pair of heels so similar to a couture pair, we’re going to have to check the tag twice!

Lately, the internet has been flooded with images of a gorgeous a pair of heels by designer Oscar Tiye – despite the shoes retailing at the pretty hefty price tag of £415.

The heels, which have been shared worldwide on Instagram and other social media, are a classic court shoe shape… oh, and they feature an adorable pair of Disney-esque Minnie Mouse ears above the heel.

The heels, which can be purchased on Net-A-Porter, are also available in the UK in a very office friendly (if not purse friendly) shade of black.

Yup, we’re in love.

And, despite our growing desire to wear a pair of Minnie Mouse themed shoes and *still* manage to look like an office-ready grown up, we just couldn’t quite justify the price tag attached. Until now.

You guessed it –  Primark have just released a purse friendly alternative, and the heels are so similar to Oscar Tiye’s design they might as well be the real thing!

Retailing at just £14, the pair are available in the original gold model….

Mandatory Credits: Primark

….and also the (slightly) more office friendly black pair.

Mandatory Credit: Primark

Did somebody say work Christmas party?!

With the success of the rest of the Primark Disney range still reigning in stores nationwide, with waiting lists for sell-out items including those super adorable Beauty and the Beast Chip mugs.

THAT Beauty and the Beast Chip mug is coming back to Primark

We’re expecting these Disney-esque couture dupes to be the stand out item of the new season, so you’d better get down to your nearest Primark as soon as possible to avoid missing out.

We’ll race you there!

Alice Perry