Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on how they learned to work together

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid

They’ve been co-hosting 
Good Morning Britain for 
almost four years and, 
as anyone who tunes in regularly will know, Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid have a volatile relationship.

They were paired up in 
2015 after Susanna left BBC Breakfast for ITV and she admits, “It took a bit of adjusting to.

“But ultimately he’s been 
good for the show – look at the ratings!” Just last year, the show celebrated its viewing figures, winning a 22.5% audience share.

And while Susanna, 48, often appears exasperated by Piers’ argumentative nature, she admits that he has had 
a positive effect on her.

Susanna Reid Piers Morgan

“When I was at 
the BBC I had to be so careful not to 
have an opinion on things. Piers knocked that out of me, in a good way.”

Piers, 53, didn’t find adjusting to sharing the spotlight with his “TV wife” easy, either. “When we were linked up she was queen bee, and 
I came from CNN and was very alpha male,” he says.

“And when alpha males meet queen bees live on air, it can get tetchy. I’ve always done my own interviews, then suddenly I had to share the questions.

“That isn’t easy when your inclination 
is to be dominant.” But the outspoken presenter has clearly learned when to back down, as he admits, “Susanna was used to being in charge too, so I had to 
be more selfless and give her time.”

Susanna Reid Piers Morgan

While they may have got used to working alongside one another, one 
thing that Susanna still struggles 
with is the online trolling that 
sometimes comes with working with such a controversial character.

“When you work with Piers, 
you draw a lot of the barbs that go his 
way, and I just wasn’t ready for that 
when we started.

“But I suppose I did learn from him how to deal with it,” 
she admits, while Piers cheekily 
adds, “I toughened her up.” A match 
made in TV heaven, we reckon!