With his successful ITV series Killer Women and Serial Killers with Piers Morgan, you'd of thought that the GMB presenter had become used to the shocking revelations.

But, the 53-year-old has revealed that in his latest series of Serial Killers, one person left him struggling to ‘hide his revulsion’.

Piers Morgan

Speaking about the new episode which airs on Thursday, Piers opened up about his meeting with serial killer, Alejandro “Alex” Henriquex, who is currently serving 75 years in prison for the brutal murders of Jessica Guzman, 10, Shamira Bello, 14, and  21-year-old Lisa Ann Rodriguez.

‘I immersed myself in it, you’ve got to hide your own revulsion,’ he told Susanna Reid on Wednesday’s installment of the popular breakfast show.

The host even admitted that police had briefed him before his meeting with the killer on how he might try and manipulate him, in his interview.

Discussing what it was like actually meeting Alejandro, Piers revealed he was a ‘fast talker’ and did everything that the police had warned him he would.

Alejandro has pleaded his innocence since being jailed in 1992.

In a preview clip from Thursday night’s episode he told Piers, “You’re not paying me for the interview, I’m not because I want to meet you. Let’s go back to the fact that I conned, liar, cheat, whatever you want to call me, fine. That has nothing to do with taking three innocent lives.”

“My life has been destroyed, my family’s life has been destroyed and yet I’m innocent. It’s been 28 years and we tend to overlook the evidence.”

And, while serial killers must be fairly difficult to interview, Piers has since opened up about some of the worst people he has speak to on GMB.

“Some of the American gun nuts are a big challenge because they are so aggressive and so blindly partisan to what they believe in. It’s tricky to take them on. They are very provocative and controversial,” Piers confessed to Digital Spy.

While he might find those guests challenging, we have no doubt controversial Piers can hold his own just fine.