Good Morning Britain co-host Piers Morgan is famed for his probing line of questioning. And while it’s usually politicians and other officials on the receiving end of a grilling from the 51-year-old, everyday celebs can also fall victim to his unnerving interview style.

joe wickes

This time the celeb in question was Joe Wicks – aka The Body Coach. Wicks has amassed a legion of loyal fans thanks to his Lean in 15 diet and exercise programme. But while he sat on the GMB sofa keen to talk business, it seems that cheeky Piers had other ideas.

Steering the conversation away from Wicks’s series of books and Internet videos, Piers teased that Susanna Reid was a fan of the topless photos that feature in his books.

“Susanna was drooling over that picture like a hyperactive Labrador,” he said.

And as if this statement wasn’t awkward enough, Piers continued to pry into Wicks’s love life, repeatedly asking him if he has a girlfriend.

Joe wickes

An exasperated Wicks then replied: “No women. There’s no one.”

But not one to give up, Piers continued his interrogation, forcing Joe to come up with the following answer.

“I just don’t like talking about girls, that’s the one thing I don’t talk about. I’ve got a girlfriend, she’s beautiful.”

Wicks famously split up with his girlfriend of 11 years earlier this year, putting him back on the singles market for the first time in over a decade.

And as the interview came to an end Wicks appeared to admit defeat saying to Susanna: “He’s thrown me big time.”

Fans not happy

Fans of the Body Coach took to Twitter to criticise Pier’s conduct during the the interview:


But Piers seemed oblivious to the furore, posting this snap on Twitter:

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