A Piers Morgan accident could derail the presenters return to GMB…

Richard Madeley and Jeremy Kyle are just some of the presenters that have stepped in to cover Piers Morgan’s summer holiday break from Good Morning Britain.

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The controversial TV host has been off our screens first thing in the morning since July, taking a break from the show over the summer months. Piers’ popular co-host Susanna Reid has also been absent, with Kate Garraway stepping in to cover her role.

The pair were due to return to the day job next week, on 4th September. But following an accident, it seems Piers may struggle to get himself back to the ITV studios in time.

The presenter announced over Twitter that he’d got himself three broken ribs, after falling over (onto his bum, no less).

Despite the fall, Piers went on to thank the Chelsea and Westminster hospital for quick treatment of his injuries. Given that the host is expected to return to GMB imminently, could this latest development prove a setback to his return to the day job?

Well, thankfully it appears that his GMB are fully prepared to pull out all the stops in order to get Piers safely back behind the desk. Erron Gordon, the Series Director, offered a supportive gesture to Piers…

But unfortunately, not everyone was as keen to help Piers reach a speedy recovery. Fans commented on the post to joke about Piers’ injuries, with one even calling it “good news.”

But defending Piers, his temporary replacement, Richard Madeley, has also made reference to the rumours that he might be the one to fill in if Piers’ accident does keep him from returning next week.

He told The Express, “One of things Piers and I have in common – apart from the fact that we’ve been friends for more than 30 years – is that in TV terms, we’re both ‘Marmite’ – some viewers like us, some loathe us.

“I’m sure if Piers were to fill in for me on something that I was doing viewers would rush to say I shouldn’t bother coming back! It’s just noise. And there’s no vacancy – Piers has made it his own.”

Piers and Susanna’s return to GMB…

Despite backlash, fans are clearly excited to see Piers back in action on Good Morning Britain! Responding to a query about when they’d be back on screens, Susanna tweeted, “Not long”. She then pointed to an article that revealed they’d be back on Monday 4th September.

And the post received a wave of responses from excited viewers. One commented “Thank goodness normal service resumed on Monday!”, while another said, “Excellent news You start my day off nicely in the mornings and leave me in a good mood.. until I reach work”

So are you looking forward to Piers, and Susanna’s, return to GMB? Or would you prefer if Richard Madeley, or Kate Garraway stayed permanently? Let us know in the comments, or on the Woman Facebook page – we love hearing your views!