Phillip Schofield never fails to charm us all on a daily basis, with his hilarious hijinx live on This Morning with co-host Holly Willoughby.

The TV couple regularly descend into fits of giggles live on air, usually leaving us viewers happily laughing along with them.

But rarely do we catch a glimpse of the beloved star’s lives at home – given that they’re usually pretty private, especially on social media.

But it seems that good old Phil made a rare exception for one moment at home over the Christmas period, as he documented his struggle with an incessant home alarm via Snapchat.

Okay, while it doesn’t sound like it quite has the makings of an entertaining watch, it seems Phillip’s Snapchat videos left tons of fans in hysterics, as he shared his battle to destroy an alarm that just would not.stop.ringing.

TV fave Phil kicked off the series of vids with a recording of the (rather annoying) alarm, alongside the caption “Old disconnected alarm!! Hasn’t made a sound in 20 years!!!! Wtf!!!!”

He continued to share a pic of the alarm, writing “Are you fecking kidding me”.

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Phillip proceeded to smash  the alarm in with a hammer, only to find it still worked – and we quote “Oh my god, it’s still going…!”

Clearly exasperated, things actually only got worse for Philip, who found yet ANOTHER alarm in his home.

He screamed at the alarm, “It’s another one, I found another one! Who the hell are you! What do you do?! Why are you there?!” Although we’ll admit, Phil’s starting to sound slightly hysterical by this point…

Phillip had finally thought he’d cracked it about a minute in to the two-minute video collection. But alas, his ‘cutting the wire’ trick actually failed to work, leaving him exclaiming “What the hell! It’s like f***ing bomb disposal”.

He eventually ended up smashing in both alarms, until they finally let up…

If you can bear the sound, here’s the glorious video in it’s entirety….

And fans quickly took so social media to share their delight at Philip’s hilarious exasperation.

One fan wrote, “Philip Schofield trying to smash the unbreakable alarm on his snapchat has just made my night😂😂😂

While another said, “Philip Schofield tackling an alarm on snapchat has made me laugh waaaay more than I feel it should have.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “Philip Schofield’s battle with the house alarm on his Snapchat story last night was the best thing ever😂Merry Christmas Phil x”.

While a fourth said, “philip schofield smashing up his alarm systems on snapchat has had me in tears tonight, national treasure that man ❤️“.

We couldn’t agree more! Phillip’s hysterical attempts have basically made our Christmas.