Peter Andre shared his anguish over trying to protect his children from watching sex-fuelled TV show’s like Love Island – much to their dismay.

The Mysterious Girl singer – who shares Junior, 14, and Princess, 12, with ex wife Katie Price – is struggling to try and navigate the teenage years. And was left horrified when Princess said she’d like to appear on Love Island.

“She said to me, ‘Would you ever let me go on Love Island?’ I said, ‘When they start doing Love Island based on priests and nuns and doing sermons on Sundays you can go on.'”

“I don’t mean to be strict. They get told everything by their friends anyway.”


Despite Princess thinking he’s “mean,” Pete doesn’t let her watch the reality TV show – which is based on coupling up and finding love in the sun in a bid to win ÂŁ50,000.

“My daughter is 12. I feel bad because I’m just like, ‘No.’ She thinks I’m mean,” he admitted. “It doesn’t mean I’m right. I always say this – every parent’s got a different thing, they use their discretion. For me, I just think she’s a bit young.

Despite being firm with Princess, Pete revealed he’s struggling to set boundaries with Junior now he’s 14.


“It’s really difficult because Junior is 14 now and he’s like, ‘Are you going to let me watch it?'”

Then he’ll go and watch it on his phone anyway.

“Junior is getting to the stage where he wants to hang out and watch things. His friends have it on their phones and they watch it on catch-up.”

It’s not the first time Pete will have to face these parenting hurdles as he’s got two young children – Amelia, five, and Theo, two, with wife Emily.

The pair have just celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary after trying the knot in 2015 – six years after splitting from Katie Price.