Nothing says Christmas like a personalised gift!

Christmas is just around the corner so if you haven’t sorted your gift list, now might be the time to do it. As much as we love a random surprise or a fun gift, something that has been picked out especially for us really hits the spot. That’s why we love a personalised gift.

A brand new watch is really great. It means we can be on time and look cool. It’s even better if there is a super personal message engraved on the underside!

A personalised nameplate necklace to make Carrie Bradshaw jealous

The trend to personalise gifts has come a long way. People think nothing of monogramming towels or bathrobes nowadays. That doesn’t mean the trend has grown less special. In fact, something that has been specifically picked and personalised for you means so much more. Taking the time out of your busy day to shop for a gift is enough of a task. Thankfully, so many brands and stores are now offering ways to make that important Christmas day gift even more special. Meaning extra brownie points for you!

A nameplate necklace if one of our fave ways to give a special someone something equally fab. Jewlr, a Canadian jewellery brand, offer multiple ways to personalise jewellery. A Carrie Bradshaw-style name pendant can be yours/your favourite person’s in no time. Choose from different fonts, precious metals, chains and even extras like gems and charms.

Engraved perfume bottles

Another brand looking to make your festive shopping session easier is Oasis. The high street heroes will be offering a personalisation service to give a new bags a brand new level of cool. Order online from 18th November and add up to 10 letters/symbols in either gold or silver for £3. Your new purchase will be delivered in a swanky dust bag, perfect for Christmas gifting. There will also be permanent embossing stations in London’s Argylle Street store and Farnham from 21st November – 23rd December.

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