Paul O’Grady has made a very surprising revelation about his connection with the late Cilla Black.

Paul O'Grady

The 62-year-old recently admitted he’s enrolled in a course to try and exorcise the ghost of his best friend following her death in 2015 aged 72.

Paul – who met Cilla on chat show Parkinson in 1998 – has felt the spiritual presence of her for years, and claims she even visited him from beyond the grave.

“I’ve been exorcising ghosts”, he said. “I’ve actually been exorcising our Cilla.”

And now that the singer won’t be visiting him anymore, Paul has admitted he feels relieved since ridding her spirit.

According to the Daily Star, he added: “I was very conscious so I’m glad I’ve done it. I actually loved doing the exorcising ghosts thing. It was a thrill.”

This isn’t the first time the telly star has had an encounter with ghosts as he teamed up with Yvette Fielding for a special edition of Most Haunted back in 2005 and was left absolutely terrified.

During filming, Paul got so freaked out that he began screaming and told viewers he was about to have a heart attack before trying to make a run for it.

Speaking about the experience Paul later admitted: “I was paralysed with fear and I don’t mind admitting it … Look at my hair, who needs hair gel when you’ve just gone down the catacombs?

“I am going to be up all night now, going through all this in my head.”

However, Paul also joked that his pal would take a meeting with ghosts in her stride, as he added: “Nothing would bother Cilla. If the exorcist vomited on Cilla she wouldn’t bat an eyelid”.

National treasure Cilla sadly passed after suffering a stroke and head injury following a fall at her villa in Spain.

Speaking to our sister site What’s On TV last June, Paul admitted that he still misses his best friend, saying: “Cilla was a remarkable lady, like family to me and I miss her terribly because we spoke every day.”