They’ve been separated since 2017, and today Paul Hollywood’s wife Alex gave her first TV interview since the split.

The mum-of-one, who was married to the Great British Bake Off star for 19 years, appeared on This Morning to give her side of the story.

Last month, reports emerged that Alex had come face-to-face with Paul’s current girlfriend, 23 -year-old Summer Monteys-Fullam.

The pair allegedly had a spat in Marks & Spencer on Valentine’s Day which led to the police being called.

Days later, Summer’s mother released a video where she gave their version of events.

And now Alex has rubbished claims that she used bad language or called the police.

Speaking to hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, Alex said: ‘I would like to say that the many reports in the papers about this so-called spat, fight… I can categorically say I did not say those things. I did not call the police to M&S.

‘All of the stories that the media have ran are so far from the truth, that I don’t even want to comment on them at all.

‘There was no row, I did not use that language,’ the cook added.

At the beginning of her interview, Phillip, 56, admitted: ‘This has been a legal nightmare,’ in regards to getting Alex to appear on the ITV show.

The TV host admitted that Alex’s lawyers, Paul’s lawyers and Summer’s lawyers had all been involved.

Speaking about the breakdown of her marriage to Paul, Alex explained: ‘Divorce is such a hard thing. It’s a really difficult thing. Its even more difficult if you’re going through it in the public eye.

‘I totally get the media interest, but my son looks to me to show him how to deal with this, to get through his and I would never do anything to embarrass him or compromise his trust.’

Alex added: ‘There’s been a lot of things that have been said that have no bearing on my marriage to Paul or my divorce. I’m trying to get divorced, I want to move on.

‘I want to be happy at the end of the day, I want to be settled and happy.’

When asked by Holly if she wants the same for Paul, Alex replied: ‘Yes of course, he’s the father of my son.’

And when asked by Phillip if she still has communication with the famous baker, Alex simply answered: ‘I think that’s a question best put to Paul…’

Taken from our sister site, CelebsNow.