Paddy McGuinness’ wife Christine has shared a sweet message about their children on Instagram.

Paddy McGuinness

The Real Housewives of Cheshire star is mum to five-year-old twins – Penelope and Leo – who suffer with autism, as well as one-year-old daughter Felicity.

And in a sweet social media post, 30-year-old Christine has revealed how proud she is of her children for completing their first school year.

Next to a photo of her little ones taking a stroll through the park, the telly star wrote: “My babies are growing up so fast! Leo and Penelope have finished their first year at school and Felicity has settled so well into nursery.”

Speaking about Penelope and Leo’s autism, she continued: “This time last year I was fighting for the twins EHCP so they would get extra support at school. I still hadn’t decided on where to send them and I wasn’t feeling confident they were even ready to go.”

She then thanked all the staff who have helped her out, adding: “They have surprised me so much and made me proud every day. My superstars are shining brighter than ever. ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you to all teachers, assistants and extra support in school. Please know that you are very much appreciated. #ProudMama”.

This isn’t the first time Christine has spoken out about parenting, as she shared a video last month explaining how she sometimes struggles to deal with her children’s tantrums.

Posting on Instagram, she wrote: “Im so ready to say goodbye to this weekend. It’s been full of ups and downs. I’ve laughed and cried more than usual because things have been much more difficult than usual and when things get difficult.. I have to laugh!. Thank you to my hubby and my mummy for being here, I needed you ❤️ #AutismMum #Exhausted”.

But not one to let a difficult experience get her down, she went on to explain what happened, saying: “We’ve had a day out at CBeebies at Alton Towers and it’s been brilliant, the kids have enjoyed it but we’ve dealt with about eight or nine epic meltdowns – big ones – that’s been hard.

“We’re absolutely exhausted but still I’m so glad we’ve done it and the kids went on some rides. The is the last one though, I am done, finished, like, no more rides for today.”

Speaking told OK! magazine in April, Christine also revealed that her and Paddy’s youngest child is starting the show similar traits as her eldest.

“Felicity can’t be diagnosed until she’s three”, she confessed, before adding: “And she could be copying the twins’ mannerisms, but even at six months old she was tensing her body when she was excited.

“She walks on tiptoes and she does a flapping arm movement when she’s happy or excited. These are common signs of autism.”