If you've got fine hair and want to give it a volume boost, we've got just the thing...

When it comes to hair, most of use are after an extra dose of volume. When you have fine hair that’s seriously hard to come by. There are so many products out there promising serious big hair pay off. Mousse was big in the 90s and this year sees its revival, but unless you’ve got time to commit to a long DIY blow out it’s not really going to cut it.

Bad thickening shampoos leave hair feeling stripped and tacky. Good thickening shampoos involve time under the shower (funny that!), not exactly a quick fix. Back combing leaves hair matted, and hair sprays are more concerned with fixing your look in place.

So what should we turn to to give our hair some real va-va-voom? Dry shampoo. It’s the ultimate fuss-free volume giver. If you thought it only served to save you a hair wash this week then think again. Dry shampoo is the hair stylist’s best friend when it comes to creating volume.

How to do it

Spritz it lightly onto your roots then through mid-lengths, ruffling and rubbing your hair with your hands and fingers as you go to add texture and body. Holding the can too close to your head can lead to white patches if your dry shampoo isn’t translucent so be wary of that. And there you have it! An instant volume injection. You are welcome.

Check out our favourite dry shampoos below and click on the links here to find out about more ways you can add volume.

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