If you’re still reeling from the news that Toblerone has wider troughs than peaks, you may want to get your hankies at the ready for this devastating announcement.

The chocolatey honeycomb goodness that is Maltesers is the latest treat to be dragged into the shrinkgate furore. Maltesers have apparently reduced the size of their larger pack sizes by 15%, according to Steve Dresser. Dresser – who provides food retail insight to supermarkets and other companies – tweeted the following pic:

And it seems that Maltesers aren’t the only classic tea time snack that could be slowly disappearing before our eyes. With another snap of Galaxy Counters – also owned by Mars – thrown into the mix.

According to the image the packet has slimmed down from 126g to 112g. And an article in The Telegraph states that the sizing change has been confirmed by a major supermarket chain. The same source also detailed that the new pack took shape in May this year, before the EU referendum took place.

We are literally lost for words on this one! We can only hope that no other chocolate classics fall victim to the same treatment!

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