Nadia Sawalha is perhaps one of TV’s most confident ladies. But she’s the first to admit that even she has insecurities – just like the rest of us.

Live on Thursday’s Loose Women, the outspoken TV star opened up about her greying hair – something she’s struggled to accept in the past.

But she revealed that one A-list star has actually inspired her to embrace her greys. And the celebrity? None other than Helen Mirren!

The sassy 72-year-old recently posted a make-up free selfie of her, showing off her stunning grey hair. And Nadia revealed that Helen’s dazzling confidence in her own greys has inspired her to embrace her changing locks.

She then debuted her grey hair whilst live on air, with a chic ponytail.

However, while Nadia was perhaps a little unsure about her mane, fans were full of praise for her new-look hairstyle.

On Twitter, viewers lauded Nadia’s greying hair, saying she’d looked “amazing.”

One wrote, “Nadia you look amazing don’t know why you cover your grey, looks lovely!”.

While another agreed, “Nadia you look beautiful!”. A third fan also wrote, “She looks fabulous i can’t wait to go grey! ♥️👌🏼“.

In fact, Nadia’s very own Loose Women co-star Stacey Solomon also agreed with the viewers. She wrote on the picture, “You look beautiful… 💛

We have to say, we totally agree…!

However, it seemed Nadia need a little more encouragement from fans, as she asked for their help in deciding whether or not to keep her new grey locks.

On her Twitter, she asked her followers, “Should it stay or go? @DonnaMayMakeup thinks I should keep the Grey. What do you think? @loosewomen”

But fans came back with an equally positive response, begging the TV star to stick with her new look.

One said “Stay grey it’s beautiful! Just embrace it. You’re gorgeous no matter what x”.

While another agreed, saying, ”Stay like it. you look lovely”

So will Nadia stick with her new look? Only time will tell, we suppose…