Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got engaged just a month and a half ago, but it seems the royal may have upset one member of his fiancee’s family!

The 35-year-old recently guest-edited Radio 4’s Today programme, where he was questioned on all things Christmas, after recently celebrating his first as an engaged man with his beau Meghan.

And when asked how Meghan took to her first Christmas with the royals, it seems that things all went swimmingly for the adorable couple.

Following the pair’s trip to Sanringham, Harry revealed that the family “loved having her there.”

He continued, saying “There’s always that family part of Christmas (where) there’s always that work element as well, and I think together we had an amazing time,

“We had great fun staying with my brother and sister-in-law and running round with the kids. Christmas was fantastic.”

He continued to reveal how Meghan had taken to the Windsor family traditions, saying, “She’s done an absolutely amazing job.

“She’s getting in there and it’s the family I suppose that she’s never had.”

But it seems that Harry’s comment about the family Meghan “never had” has ruffled a few feathers over over with the Markle clan.

Meghan’s famously outspoken half-sister, Samantha Markle, tweeted a response to Harry’s comments, hitting back at his suggestion that she didn’t have a close family unit prior to the royals.

She tweeted, saying, “Actually she has a large family who were always there with her and for her.

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“Our household was very normal and when dad and Doria [Meghan’s mother] divorced, we all made it so it was like she had two houses. No one was estranged ,she was just too busy. Read my book complete with facts and photos.”

Of course, Samantha is soon to release a tell-all book about her younger sibling Meghan, and has famously been criticised for speaking too much about her now wildly famous sister.

She continued her Twitter response, stating that hers and Meghan’s childhood was always “fun” and “supportive”.

Samantha wrote, “She has a large family. She always did. Our dad is amazing and completely self sacrificing. We made it so that she had two houses. How fun it was!”

“Meg’s family(our family) is complete with sister, brother,aunts, uncles, cousins, and the glue of our family, our amazing completely self-sacrificing father. She always had this family,..Marrying merely extends it.”

However, Twitter users criticised Samantha for her comments, following speculation that she has made negative comments about Meghan in the past herself. Some also questioned how close she and Meghan actually are.

One wrote to Samantha, “You are 17 years older than she. YOU are not her family. You are her father’s daughter by another woman.”

Let’s hope that everything is resolved before Harry and Meghan’s May 2018 wedding.