Members of Meghan Markle’s extended family appeared on Good Morning Britain, in a move which divided viewers…

Tracey Dooley, who was previously married to Meghan’s half-brother, and her two sons Thomas and Tyler, were interviewed by Susanna and Piers, and had some interesting things to say about the future Duchess.

While Tracey initially described the engagement as “a fairytale come true”, things soon turned awkward when Piers asked about the rifts in the family, and whether they still talk to Meghan.

“People fall out of contact. If anything, what this has done is put a spotlight on our family, the good and the bad, it has strengthened our relationship with certain family members. It’s definitely been a ride”, said Tyler.

Susanna then asked him if they were made to feel “uncomfortable” by Prince Harry’s recent comments that Meghan had loved spending time with the Royals over Christmas since it was “the family I suppose that she’s never had”.

“I didn’t take it the way that some other people took it – it was pretty lighthearted. They have a great family, and she is not used to that. I don’t think it was negative,” was Meghan’s nephew’s reply.

Relatives of Meghan Markle appear on GMB

The conversation then moved on to Meghan’s ‘elusive’ father, on which Tracey said that she “can’t speak highly enough about him. He’s a wonderful man, and he obviously did a great job of raising her and raising the rest of his family too.

With that, we all make our choices in life and he afforded all the possibilities and different avenues for her to grow, and what paths they take from there, as adults, is up to them.”

Will he be walking her down the aisle though? Tyler seemed unsure.

“You know, it’s all about what Meghan wants. Traditionally, yes, the father would walk the bride down the aisle, but, in this circumstance it’s just whatever Meghan feels like she wants to do.”

When asked about whether they would like an invite to the marriage, Tyler remained coy.

“It would be a great honour, but ultimately it’s up to Meghan and Prince Harry. It’s going to be a pretty exclusive event, if they feel that they would like to invite us, we would be honoured, and if not, we will be turning [the TV] on, and rooting for Meghan all the way. She’s wonderful.”

“Wonderful” is not how many people on Twitter described the interview though, with many questioning how close the trio REALLY are with Meghan…

Some also questioned why a video of Meghan as a young girl had been included in the segment…

However, some others felt that the family handled the questioning well,

Invite or not, it’s sure to be the wedding of the year – and we can’t wait to see the pictures!

Words: Molly West