It’s an exciting time for Mario Falcone – not only is he expecting his first child with his fiancé Becky Miesner, but he’s getting to enjoy it all at the same time as his sister Giovanna Fletcher, who is also pregnant!

And the 30-year-old  is relishing the moment, posting photos of his sister’s journey and his own on Instagram.

As he enjoyed the sunshine over the weekend in the Cotswolds, the former TOWIE star – who has been in a relationship with salon owner Becky for a year and a half – shared an adorable pic of Becky, 29, and Giovanna sizing up their bumps.

He captioned the snap: “My son/daughter and niece/nephew…. this is what life is all about #family #cousins ❤❤❤”

This will be Giovanna’s third child with her husband, former McFly star Tom Fletcher, 32.

After much speculation that the children’s author could be expecting again, the couple – who have been married six years -shared the news in an adorable social media video in March.

As they enjoyed the snow with their two sons – Buzz, four, and Buddy, two – making snowmen in the garden, they placed a baby scan on a miniature snow figure. The couple will welcome their third child this summer.

Love this pic. All of us, captured by my uncle. I’ve been looking forward to being away from my desk and ‘out of office’, and I must admit I’ve been getting quite frustrated that I’ve not able to get up and run around with the boys, or, at the very least, sit and build sandcastles with them thanks to my injury. Tonight we were reading Peppa Pig’s Family Computer. When we were reading about Mummy Pig having lots of important work to do, Buzz said he didn’t like it when I had lots of important work to do. He said he wants me only to do a little bit. When I asked what he wanted me to do instead he replied simply ‘play’. I cried. I was looking forward to doing just that on this trip and instead have been forced to rest up and protect my broken toe. That said, I’ll be running around with them soon enough, and it’s been great to just sit and watch them interact, play, explore and discover. Xxx

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Sister-in-law Becky is a little earlier in her pregnancy at 23 weeks and is set to give birth to her and Mario’s son or daughter in November.

The news came as a surprise to the the couple, who were planning to tie the knot this summer.

After many “failed attempts”, the duo decided to “have fun” and wait for a “honeymoon baby” instead, and months later,  Becky discovered she was pregnant during a holiday in Barbados.

Speaking in an Interview with OK! magazine in May, Becky said:  “We were trying for a baby for a while last year, but it wasn’t happening, so we decided to stop of a bit. Then a few months later, I fell pregnant!”

“It was getting quite stressful, so we decided we needed to relax a bit,” Mario added. “It’s been my dream to be a dad for a long time now, so I’m over the moon.”

And Mario couldn’t be happier to be sharing the experience with his sister, saying: “I love being with my niece and nephews, so to have my own is a dream come true.”

Funnily enough no one fancied swapping seats 🤷🏽‍♂️

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